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Hi-Fi World Review of the Amber 3T Special Edition in PDF
Review of the Amber 3T Special Edition Headphone Amplifier by Hi-Fi World magazine is available in PDF format. The verdict:

5 Globes

A.N.T. Audio Kora 3T LE MC review in Hi-Fi World
Full two-page review of the Kora 3T Limited Edition Moving Coil by David Price is out now in the April issue of Hi-Fi World magazine. The verdict:

5 Globes

"By far the most convincing incarnation of the Kora, this brilliant value midprice phono stage deserves to be heard."

December 2008 Hi-Fi World review of A.N.T. Audio Kora 3T SE
"Those craving subtlety, delicacy and ease will be delighted to hear of the arrival of the ANT Audio Kora 3T then, because it offers precisely these attributes. Its simple, single-ended Class A internals endow it with a mellifluous nature that shows just how sophisticated and enjoyable vinyl can be, even at fairly affordable prices."

This review is now available for viewing and downloading in full from our web site.

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