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Kora 3T phono stage is in production
The new phono stage A.N.T. Audio "Kora 3T" is now available in a standard and SE (Special Edition) versions.

Detailed information in PDF format: Download

Posted on: 2008-06-18 01:52:51

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Review Section Updated :: A.N.T. Amber Preview
An old preview for the now discontinued A.N.T. Amber Amp has now been re-added (as it was missing) to the Reviews section.

- Head over to the Reviews section and check it out, or
- Read the whole preview at Head-Fi.org
Posted on: 2008-06-06 23:58:47

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The Amber headphone amplifier
The ANT Audio Amber Headphone amplifier is no longer offered as a complete product. A limited number of assembled PCBs is available for DIY. Please email for details.

New headphone amplifier will be released shortly after the new phono preamplifier (ANT Audio Kora 3T).

Posted on: 2008-03-30 22:02:40

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New article on N-channel output stage linearization
Posted on: 2008-03-30 21:59:35

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ANT Amber circuit and description
The "Amber" headphone amplifier circuit and a short description is now available as a PDF file
Posted on: 2008-03-30 21:59:13

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